Our Team


A small team, but with great dedication.

Vicente Sanz
Winemaker & Owner

He is responsible for the fact that ``Vicaral`` are today a reference for the most prestigious awards.

Greg Sisto
ViVino Selected USA Import

Sales Manager in the United States of Vicaral Bodegas y Viñedos. Passionate about wine.

Alberto Sanz
Winemaker's Assistant

He represents the third generation of the winery. Together with his father, he pampers the vineyards.

Laura Sisto
Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador in the United States responsible for connecting with the brand's target audience.

Administrative and Accounting

Responsible for all office tasks for operations management, logistics, administrative, etc.

Winery Operations

Responsible for operations in the winery and vineyard.

Export Manager

Responsible for the export of wines from Vicaral Bodegas to the USA and its positioning.

Security Guard

Playful and obedient, intelligent and always willing to help his human friends.